Nepali Women in Computing is a community to lean on!

Shreeya is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at NC State University. Her research interest lies at the intersection of Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, and Machine Learning. She is currently working on computational modeling and analysis of arguments in written texts, under the supervision of Dr. Collin Lynch.

Shreeya is passionate about developing linguistics tools for her native language, Nepali, and is experienced in the research and development of linguistic resources for Nepali. She was involved in the development of Nepali Stemmer, which is a part of the Snowball library and Nepali Full-Text-Search Support for PostgreSQL.

“I identify myself as someone passionate about language technologies. I am fascinated by how we use language as a tool to communicate ideas and opinions. I would say linguistics is my first love, and Nepali Women in Computing is a close second!”

Shreeya attended Gracehopper Celebration 2019 in Orlando, Florida. There, she became aware of different Systers Affinity groups supporting women in tech from their communities. She also got to learn that there isn’t one for Nepal, and that is when she decided to start Nepali Women in Computing (NWiC). She got various opportunities through Gracehopper, including an internship with Apple, and interact with other Natural Language Processing researchers. With NWiC, she wishes to create such opportunities for women technologists in Nepal.

“Gracehopper 2019 was life-changing. I got access to so many resources and a community of women technologists that I never thought was possible. I want girls in Nepal to understand that they can be successful in tech, and they have a huge community to lean on if they ever need it!”

From October 2019 to now, Shreeya has successfully been able to register Nepali Women in Computing (NWiC) as an AnitaB Systers Affinity Group. Today, we are a team of 25 people working together to build a strong network for Nepali women technologists around the globe. We at NWiC are proud of Shreeya for bringing us together to work on this cause.

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