Nepali Women in Computing — EDUCATE: Let’s talk!

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Designed by Shiraz Shrestha

Launching this December, Nepali Women in Computing (NWiC) — EDUCATE is a monthly session to aware Nepali people especially the youths about the issues existing in our society and workplace.

Together we will learn and discuss how we can create a more inclusive future for the youths of Nepal. We will look into the challenges Nepali youths face when navigating their lives and careers inside and outside of Nepal. Our discussions will also address the more challenging issues including the gender and caste based discrimination in the Nepali society and digital space.

At NWiC, we believe that an open discussion is the key to change. With NWiC- EDUCATE we are aiming to create ripples of change and help our youths break past the barriers imposed by the prevailing stereotypes and discrimination in the society. We firmly believe that discussing social issues in everyday life helps create awareness, and talking about the issues that minorities in the society face will begin to create a space that will be inclusive of all.

Every month we will invite experts to talk on a broad range of topics including (but not limited to) diversity and inclusion, imposter syndrome, caste in Nepal, and representation of women in different careers.

Let’s open discussion about race, gender, caste, and all those things affecting the minorities in the society. Together let’s march towards a more equitable future.

Project Idea: Pragya Neupane

Project Leads: Aachal Thapa and Ojashwi Sharma

Project Supervisors: Pragya Neupane and Shreeya Singh Dhakal

The first session of NWiC — EDUCATE will be held on Saturday, December 05, 2020 at 6 PM NPT | 7.15 AM EST | 4.15 AM PDT. In this session Dr. Dovan Rai will be talking on Diversity and Inclusion. Please sign up here to attend the session.