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We cover powerful narratives of Nepali women in technology and their journey of hard work, perseverance, and achievements.

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As an effort to inspire young girls and to commemorate established women in tech, we bring stories of accomplished Nepali women technologists every month in our story series, NWiC-Celebrate

Read about Manisha’s story of optimism, self-belief, and exploration: on how making the right decisions changed her life for good and trying every possible thing out as a kid — led her to be a go-getter.

How much achievement and contributions do you think a 23-year-old can make? From being a Chief Technology Officer and Data Scientist at Kharpann to running The Click Reader as a Co-founder and Data Scientist, Merishna Singh Suwal is a woman anyone can look up to for inspiration.

Besides being famous for her remarkable successes in multiple pageants, Sujita is also celebrated as a woman in tech and for her work in supporting the youths from under resourced communities.

Karvika’s desire to become a role model that her daughters would grow up watching made her a CEO who is bringing businesses to Nepal and changing the country’s education standards!

Aditi Adhikari aspired to be a dentist growing up. Little did she know her journey would one day lead her to be a Machine Learning Engineer at Apple.

A natural leader and educator, Manisha Dwa fought against stereotypes surrounding women to inspire more women and children from Nepal to find their passion for Astronomy and Space Science.

On December 05, 2020, Nepali Women in Computing held its first session on Diversity and Inclusion with Dr. Dovan Rai. Here is a short review of the session.

In this chapter of Pillars of NWiC, get to know our member, Dr. Nihit Pokhrel who has a unique set of expertise in life science, cloud technology, and mathematics.

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