We are a group of technologists working together to diversify the faces of technology

Let us work together to give women equal opportunities, inspirations, and courage to thrive in tech. Small actions today will create phenomenal results in the near future

AnitaB’s Pass it On Awards

In 2022, two of our projects: CELEBRATE and EDUCATE received AnitaB’s Pass it On (PIO) Awards, where the projects would receive a budget of 500 USD each. The Systers Pass It On Awards Program honors Anita Borg’s desire to create a network of women technologists helping one another. The cash award helps fund women in computing or projects that inspire and support girls and women to enter computing.


Ms. Aachal Thapa has won the Systers Pass It On Award, 2022, for NWiC Educate.

Nepali Women+ in Computing started a virtual monthly series called NWiC Educate in December 2020. It is a space to discuss and debate social issues which are misunderstood, misinterpreted, and under represented. The budget received will be used to conduct , an in-person NWiC-Educate sessions in Nepal.


Ms. Ila Adhikari has won the Systers Pass It On Award, 2022 for NWiC Celebrate.

NWiC Celebrate is an initiative by Nepali Women+ in Computing where we cover powerful narratives of Nepali women in Tech and their journey of hard work. The budget received will be used to pay for illustrators and designers for the completion of the CELEBRATE e-book.


NWiC ireceived a joint grant with Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT) for the Women Tech it Up Summit granted by FRIDA Fund, a young feminist organization. FRIDA provides young feminist organizers with the resources they need to amplify their voices and bring attention to the social justice issues they care about. A sum of 50000 NPR is provided to NWiC for the book publication. The sum is going to be used in combination with the PIO grant to cover the total costs of covering all illustrations, and administrative costs incurred during book publication.