About Us

We are a group of technologists working together to diversify the faces of technology

Let us work together to give women equal opportunities, inspirations, and courage to thrive in tech. Small actions today will create phenomenal results in the near future

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Improve The Future For Women Technologists

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Through various networking, learning, collaborating, and mentoring events, we encourage young women to get involved in technology. We provide a platform for every woman to put forward their queries and get answers, be it in technology or elsewhere.

We work towards bridging the gap and increase women participation in technology.

For decades now, women have not been at the forefront of technology for various reasons as compared to men. We work to identify and address these gaps, to create a future where there are equal opportunities for all in technology.

Applaud and celebrate women in technology

All the hard work Nepali women have done definitely deserves a celebration. We celebrate and applaud women for their hard work, achievements and for doing their bit to push the boundaries in technology