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Nepali Women+ in Computing (NWiC) is the collective voice and efforts of Nepali women and men worldwide to build an equitable future in technology.

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A community for Nepali women+ to lean on

About Us

Nepali Women+ in Computing (NWiC) is one of AnitaB Systers Affinity Groups and was founded in November 2019 to support Nepali women in tech.

We are a group of technologists working together to diversify the faces of technology. We are in constant effort to give women equal opportunities, inspirations, and courage to thrive in tech. Our small actions today will create phenomenal results for younger generations in the near future.

NWiC is a small effort towards a future that is inclusive and representative of all.

nwic about us

Let’s work together to give our women opportunities, inspirations, and courage to thrive in tech.

Amplify the voices of our women

We are here to make sure that our women are heard and their contributions are celebrated

Nepali Women+ in Computing (NWiC) celebrates the accomplishments, small or big, of our women and provides a platform for them to speak up and put forward their most authentic self.

Providing opportunities to learn and grow together

Different Places


At NWiC we thrive on learning and building onto the knowledge from each other via various events. We conduct sessions on different topics ranging from open source contribution to Gender and Inclusion to help women learn and grow.
Join our programs to learn and get inspired from amazing Nepali Women in Technology.

Latest Events

Study in America

Are you looking for the application process to study in the USA? Stay tuned!

We are excited to announce the 5th topic for our NWiC Educate session - Stocks 101 Stay tuned to know our amazing speaker for the session. Book your spot now.

Irina Sthapit is an Engineer, Educator and Product Manager who loves to watch the shooting stars in the night sky. She graduated from Stanford University’s Learning, Design, and Technology program and did her undergraduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering in Nepal. She is currently working as Product Manager at Fusemachines.

Our fourth session is on “Youth and Politics”. Through this session, we aim to highlight the significance of youth participation in politics and shed light on the status of women in politics in the context of Nepal. Nepal – 27th March, Saturday | 8 AM NPT USA – 26th March,

Nepali Women in Computing will be organizing a IWD21 special Fireside Chat with few distinguished Nepali Women from different walks of life on March 06, 2021 where we will be discussing about “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”. #IWD21 Special Fireside Chat with Distinguished Nepali Women!Speaker

NWiC Educate S3

Nepali Women in Computing is glad to collaborate with @nepalifeminist to bring you the third installment of NWiC Educate where we will be discussing different issues concerning women's rights in Nepal.

nwic educate gender equality

Meet our Speaker Sujita Chaudhary for NWiC Educate Session 2. Ms. Chaudhary is a Computer Science Graduate from Dakota State University. She identifies herself as a dreamer, a learner, an explorer and a daughter!

nwic open source

2nd January, 2021 : Speaker Sessions 9th January, 2021 : Workshops on Git/Github and Clojure Basics, Tech check, and System Setup 16th January, 2021 : Hands-on Contribution and Closing! Time: TBD

nwic educate

Nepali Women in Computing (NWiC) is one of AnitaB Systers Affinity Groups and was founded to support Nepali women in the field of technology. We would like to take an advantage of this platform and start a monthly session called NWiC – Educate. The first topic that we are going

Latest Stories

nwic manisha

Read about Manisha’s story of optimism, self-belief, and exploration: on how making the right decisions changed her life for good and trying every possible thing out as a kid — led her to be a go-getter.

How much achievement and contributions do you think a 23-year-old can make? From being a Chief Technology Officer and Data Scientist at Kharpann to running The Click Reader as a Co-founder and Data Scientist, Merishna Singh Suwal is a woman anyone can look up to for inspiration.

Besides being famous for her remarkable successes in multiple pageants, Sujita is also celebrated as a woman in tech and for her work in supporting the youths from under resourced communities.

NWiC Karvika Thapa

Karvika’s desire to become a role model that her daughters would grow up watching made her a CEO who is bringing businesses to Nepal and changing the country’s education standards!

aditi adhikari nwic

Aditi Adhikari aspired to be a dentist growing up. Little did she know her journey would one day lead her to be a Machine Learning Engineer at Apple.

manisha dwa nwic

A natural leader and educator, Manisha Dwa fought against stereotypes surrounding women to inspire more women and children from Nepal to find their passion for Astronomy and Space Science.

dr nihit nwic

In this chapter of Pillars of NWiC, get to know our member, Dr. Nihit Pokhrel who has a unique set of expertise in life science, cloud technology, and mathematics.


Sushma is the prime example of the popular saying that better things are waiting for you if something you really wanted doesn’t work out. A story about how she navigated the major changes in her life, and learned to trust her journey in the process!

Jwala’s efforts as a child to spare some time for her hobbies of solving problems, Mathematics and puzzles have finally led her to use her ideas and passion to impact AI technologies by building fairness, explainability and robustness into AI systems at Amazon Alexa.

Pay it forward!

Binita’s journey — a shining example of how passion, perseverance, and commitment can bring astounding changes in the society.


Inspired by @Wogrammer, Nepali Women in Computing covers stories of strong representation of Nepali women in technology.

With the story series, we wish to inspire younger girls to take up a career in tech. We also aim to motivate and retain the ones that are already in tech.

Our Supporters

Nepali Women+ in Computing (NWiC) can run its programs, Thanks to the gracious support from our sponsors and volunteers.