we will build an equitable future for everyone

Nepali Women+ in Computing (NWiC) is the collective voice and efforts of Nepali women and men worldwide to build an equitable future in technology.

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A community for Nepali women+ to lean on

About Us

Nepali Women+ in Computing (NWiC) is one of AnitaB Systers Affinity Groups and was founded in November 2019 to support Nepali women in tech.

We are a group of technologists working together to diversify the faces of technology. We are in constant effort to give women equal opportunities, inspirations, and courage to thrive in tech. Our small actions today will create phenomenal results for younger generations in the near future.

NWiC is a small effort towards a future that is inclusive and representative of all.

nwic about us

Let’s work together to give our women opportunities, inspirations, and courage to thrive in tech.

Amplify the voices of our women

We are here to make sure that our women are heard and their contributions are celebrated

Nepali Women+ in Computing (NWiC) celebrates the accomplishments, small or big, of our women and provides a platform for them to speak up and put forward their most authentic self.

Providing opportunities to learn and grow together

Different Places


At NWiC we thrive on learning and building onto the knowledge from each other via various events. We conduct sessions on different topics ranging from open source contribution to Gender and Inclusion to help women learn and grow.
Join our programs to learn and get inspired from amazing Nepali Women in Technology.

Latest Events

Latest Stories


Inspired by @Wogrammer, Nepali Women in Computing covers stories of strong representation of Nepali women in technology.

With the story series, we wish to inspire younger girls to take up a career in tech. We also aim to motivate and retain the ones that are already in tech.

Our Supporters

Nepali Women+ in Computing (NWiC) can run its programs, Thanks to the gracious support from our sponsors and volunteers.